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I cannot find my memories and don’t know where I lost them. However, I feel a mysterious urge to go and look somewhere. . .

  1. (it has been with you all along)
  2. One of the white houses under the cemetery.
  3. Down by the yellow hexagons, below the church.
  4. Visit the museum.
  5. At the medical ward, drifting high above a nameless city.
  6. In school.
  7. One of the floating skyscrapers.
  8. In a tunnel somewhere.
  9. In my old appartment.
  10. The red room leads to a place of heads and eyes. Head in southeastern direction.
  11. Over the glass tiles.
  12. A blue box somewhere.
  13. In a house made out of newspaper.
  14. A park between cities.
  15. On top of a hill.
  16. In a subterranean dark crypt.

(This is the cryptic player guide for Railroad Tracks.)